Ms. Carla Moss

Mind. Body. Soul. Wholeness.


Finding harmony of thoughts and beliefs in the nervous system and thus, in health and wellbeing.


Bringing core desires, connection, and intimacy into relationships that matter.


Aligning the wisdom of self, soul, and spirit with that which is meaningful and sacred.

An Awakened Midlife.

The energetic design of a transformative life of vitality, creativity, and purpose.


Health and Wellness

Navigating life transformation  during perimenopause and menopause through functional medicine health coaching.

Pleasure and Connection

Sex and Relationships

Exploring love, connection, intimacy and sexual expression at midlife through somatic-based sex and relationship coaching.

Purpose and Meaning

Discovery of Self

Awakening inner wisdom to find alignment with one’s true self and soul purpose through spiritual life coaching.

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Working with Carla has renewed my relationship with my body, and allowed me to dive deeper into my desires. The safe and vulnerable space she created in session allowed me to open up and share my body image struggles and has helped me figure out ways to cultivate self-love for myself, opening pathways to self-discovery. Highly recommend working with Coach Carla!
~ Stephanie S.